An efficient 'Last Mile'   Solution to deliver content on the mobile

Being able to communicate with your customer
or employee directly in a meaningful and personalised way is a powerful route to increasing engagement or improving productivity.

Eureka delivers content directly to the mobile’s idle screen, ensuring a guaranteed view. Viewers can choose to tap to see more, save for later, mark as favourite or swipe to dismiss.




Unlock the phone. 


The content splash screen appears immediately. User double-taps to engage or dismisses it.


User continues to engage on the mobile with the video / podcast / poll.

Rich Media Content

Use a variety of rich-media and interaction to create more engagement. Content can be videos, full-screen images, podcasts, interactive HTML 5 pages or survey polls.

Video on tap

Full-screen video plays instantaneously. No buffering. No Waiting. And no internet connection needed at the time of viewing.

and timed

Your content can be targeted by device and timed to appear when it will make the most impact. We also use geo-targeting to allow for location-based activation.


Eureka has a robust analytics engine. Analysis can be performed in real-time. Integration with client systems gives it flexibility and ease of deployment.

Permission based

Eureka works through your existing app, so uses any permissions your viewer has already chosen. Bespoke messages are delivered via a white-labelled platform.

Invent your own way to engage your audience

United Kingdom

37th Floor
One Canada Square

Canary Wharf
London, E14 5DY


Level 9


Bandra-Kurla Complex

Mumbai 400051 

Eureka Mobile Advertising is a UK headquartered startup, with offices in London and Mumbai. It is led by a mature team of experienced, accomplished and enthusiastic professionals.

Eureka is a Customer Engagement Platform on the go. Our USP is 'engagement out of app'.


We are an innovation led company at the cutting edge of Mobile Technology leveraging the POWER OF NOW!  Our Proprietary Technology delivers content instantaneously in multiple formats including Video.


The Core Platform is versatile and can be customised for multiple applications across industries. Clients choose the Platform for its Simplicity, Immediacy and significant Biz Value.




United Kingdom

37th Floor, One Canada Square

Canary Wharf

London, E14 5DY


Level 9, Platina
Bandra-Kurla Complex

Mumbai,  400051

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