Sports and Entertainment

Show video highlights to the subscriber at the end of the day. 

View video instantly through Eureka's unique proprietary technology.

Unlock the phone or tap the notification to view the daily video highlights (at or after a scheduled time)

The landing page dissolves into a splash screen displaying video details

Double-tap the screen to see the video instantaneously... no buffering, no waiting, no internet connection required.

Invent your own way to engage your audience



An 'Impulse Shopping' platform on the go.

See it, Like it, Buy it!

Eureka's turbo-charged solution ensures the transaction is completed in less than 14 seconds

Unlock the phone or tap the notification to view the offer as a rich media screen 


The rich media screen dissolves into the value page, giving product highlights

Double-tap the screen to shop

Enterprise engagement

Serve rich media content to employees, partners or customers

Enhance productivity: engage with your worldwide audience to create motivation and change the way you communicate.

Unlock the phone or tap the notification to view the prelude to the content, delivered from a scheduled time

Double tap the screen to view the rich media content, which could be a JPEG, HTML 5 page, video or a podcast

Take the opportunity to give feedback as an employee or customer.

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