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5 Reasons why Videos are a Powerful Marketing tool

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

5 Reasons why videos are a powerful marketing tool

Creating videos for marketing has picked up big time, thanks to the ease of creating videos using easily affordable gadgets. While a lot of companies have started using videos to market but it is still not their first priority. While it does involve more effort and creativity in making a good video but we feel it is worth the effort considering the benefits that your business can get out of video marketing.

Top 5 reasons that make videos so powerful are –

1. Drive higher conversion

If a consumer sees your video in the buying journey there is a chance of increase in conversion by up to 150%. Studies show that 75% of users who saw an explainer video about a product ended up buying that product. Vision is our strongest sense and videos leave a much bigger impact than images.

So even though it may be slightly expensive to create videos but the higher ROI ensures that you get much more than you spend.

2. Mobile subscribers love videos

With smartphone users growing rapidly and Internet becoming accessible, the amount of video content consumed is growing more than 100% YOY. YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world.

Mobile phone is a very personalized experience and brands that can engage with mobile consumers though personalized video content have a significantly higher chance of engagement and connect. Smart phone viewers are 2x time more likely to watch ads on their phone as compared to a desktop and 10x times as compared to a TV.

With Eureka’s innovative Pre Fetch technology mobile subscribers can watch videos even if there is no Internet connectivity.

3. Explain everything easily

Video is the most effective tool to communicate after one on one interaction. Even complex concepts can be easily explained through videos using animation. Animation can make videos interesting, visually engaging and simple and help brands break the clutter. With 3d animation it is even possible to give a 360 degree enhanced view of the product.

4. Build trust

Videos are a great tool to build trust about your product. It gives the confidence to the consumer that what you see is what you get. Seeing the product they intent to purchase in action keeps doubt about quality and usage away and increase the chance of conversion. Videos bring the products to life and that’s what consumers want to see.

5. Engage lazy buyers too

Today’s consumers are too lazy to read descriptions or explore services. They want everything short, crisp and consumable on the go. They want to see and experience things and not read. Vision is our strongest sense and video is the perfect recipe to leave a lasting impression.

Keep your videos short, action packed and add some great music to ensure that you are touching not just the eyes but also the ears of your consumers.

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