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CEO Connect

The CEO’s need to communicate with their employees regularly to motivate them, share their vision and get valuable feedback from the employees.

Conventionally, CEO’s would connect by having -

  • Town halls (maybe twice a year)

  • Corporate Communication as a glossy magazine (quarterly)

  • Walk about on the work floor (monthly)

In today’s dynamic world, not being able to communicate instantaneously could result in delays and possible missed opportunities for the Enterprise.

Personalised engagement in large organizations has become a major challenge considering their mammoth workforce and geographical spread.

Fortunately, the modern workforce is used to operate remotely and connect through technology. It can enable One to Many and One to One personalized connect with the employees seamlessly, anywhere and anytime.

Some of the touch-points with employees could be -

  • Share company wins, break-through’s and updates

  • Periodic Video Broadcast (by far the most effective communication tool)

  • Quick feedback (survey/poll on the fly)

  • Sensitive corporate news directly to the employee (before the rumor mongering kicks in)

Since the communication is from the CEO -

  • It needs to be confidential and secure. There is need to encrypt the communication and keep it in a closed loop within the firewalls of the organization.

  • The responses from the employees need to be private and should be seen only by the Chief Executive. The responses need to be tabulated in a meaningful way to throw right insights and actionables.

  • It should be delivered instantaneously to the desired target audience.

  • Last but not the least it is imperative that the communication from the CEO is seen by the TG for it to have the necessary impact and engage the employee.

Eureka’s CEO Connect Solution leveraging its proprietary ‘out-of-app’ technology aims to help CEO’s engage with their employees easily and more meaningfully.

Get in touch with us to know more by clicking here.

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