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Are your Mobile Subscribers Engaged?

The advent of the Mobile device has completely changed the ‘communication game’ for sure. There has been a subtle, but significant shift in the Marketeers expectations from Mobility thanks to its versatility. They now look at the mobile device more of an ‘engagement’ tool rather than just a ‘communication’ device. Affordability of the Smartphone and low internet prices have made Mobiles omnipresent. Furthermore, marketing campaigns on the Mobile are easily auditable and hence transparent.

Marketing to consumers on the Mobile has seen a rapid evolution over the past 15 years. Whether it is SMS, Email, Display ads or Push Notifications, maximizing ‘Impressions’ and ‘CTR’s has been the focus of the digirati.

The success of any campaign on mobile depends on 3 key factors listed below

  • Is the content served relevant to me?(Personalized)

  • Is the content compelling enough to get my attention?(Unique)

  • Is the content served in a way that I like to consume?(Rich Media)

Display ads can be obtrusive and are far away from giving measurable results.

Email open rates are still low and hence it gives very limited reach.

SMS as a medium is restricted with text only format which makes it less appealing to act for the customers and hence low open rates

Push Notifications are more effective than the above but need i-connectivity.

Eureka LIVE! is an exciting Customer Engagement Solution for mobile consumers. Some of the key features include

  • Serve Content out of the app so the user need not open the app

  • Analytics provide valuable consumer insights - instantly

  • Ai engine ensures relevancy and personalisation

  • Real time engagement options include


              -Surveys and feedback



The benefits of Eureka LIVE add up to a ROI of 10X of any SMS or Email campaigns by simply plugging Eureka Live into your mobile app (with minimum integration).

Get in touch to know more by clicking here.

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