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Catering to the “Now or Never” Generation

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

2019 will see Mobile viewing surpass Television for the first time in history. With over 14X growth in the last 5 years Video is undoubtedly the preferred format of the Consumer. Videos can be used as powerful and effective tool for creating brand awareness. A crisp ten-second video has the ability to tell a great Brand Story.

This has led to an overload of information. For every product or service, there are hundreds of brands vying for customer attention. A video helps break the clutter and gets your brand noticed in its 360-degree avatar and leaves a lasting impression.

Gen NOW are hungry to make the most of the available time. Mobile feeds this hunger to get more (information) from less (available time). It (mobile) is the preferred vehicle and they are hooked to it for the foreseeable future. They want everything now in a way that they can consume it easily. Video fits the bill perfectly.

However, there is one major challenge with the Video format. It is data rich and dependent on the speed of the internet for the data to be streamed uninterruptedly, sans buffering. The Generation NOW despises Buffering and would prefer to move on to the next ‘thingy’ than to wait. Everything has to happen at the tap of a button, effortless and immediate. Impatience is a virtue. The attention spans have reduced dramatically and the Consumer is looking for instant gratification.

Clearly, the audio-visual appeal of the video content is more compelling as compared to the plain text. Eureka’s proprietary technology leverages the POWER OF NOW to cater to the NOW OR NEVER generation with some of its unique features:

  • Just TAP-2-VIEW…No ‘buffering’ to view the content (including Video/Podcast)

  • Unique dissolvable screen format, making it subtle and non pushy

  • Call to action post video view

  • Personalization to make sure that content is relevant and available on demand. NOW!

Sounds exciting?

Reach out to us to know more by clicking here.

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